Bronzing Powder



Sensitive or atopic skin


Doesn’t dry out the skin for 100% of women*

The complexion is naturally illuminated for 100% of women*

Gives a healthy glow for 100% of women*

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It’s not always easy to keep your skin clear and glowing, especially when you constantly have to protect yourself from the sun. Your lifestyle might also affect your skin health, making it a bit dull and tired! In addition to being dried-out and sensitive, the skin is also more reactive to cosmetic products, and yet this is what could give it back all its glow!

MÊME’s Bronzing Powder offers the most sensitive skin natural and comfortable makeup: its natural pigments and slightly iridescent finish illuminate the complexion and give the skin a natural tan. It’s as if you were just coming back from your holidays! You can also use it to redefine the shape of your face (this is called contouring!).

Its universal colour suits all skin tones and enhances the radiance of all complexions. Easy to apply with a brush, MÊME’s Bronzing Powder lasts all day without drying out the skin. It provides a natural, luminous complexion and leaves the skin soft and supple.

Brightens the complexion for 100% of women*
Gives a naturally tanned complexion for 100% of women*
Gives a healthy glow effect for 100% of women*
Helps to reshape the contours of the face for 100% of women*
Lasts all day for 100% of women*
The application is homogeneous and even for 100% of women*
Leaves the skin soft and supple for 100% of women*
Leaves the skin comfortable all day long for 100% of women*
Doesn’t dry out the skin for 100% of women*
Enhances the skin tone for 100% of women*

* Use test carried out on 23 women with sensitive and/or atopic skin

Before putting on your makeup, don’t forget to moisturise your skin with the Moisturiser. Then, even out your complexion with the natural BB Cream and use the Concealer to remove blemishes. Next, load a big “Kabuki” brush with powder and sweep it up all over your face starting from the temples, curving down and around to your cheekbones, and from the cheekbones to the chin to draw the number 3. Finish off by the neck and the cleavage! Every night, take the time to remove your makeup with our Makeup Remover Balm and moisturise your skin once again with the Moisturiser.

By following our instructions for use, the time of use of our Bronzing Powder is estimated at 6 months!

Complete your routine with:

The Moisturizer, to hydrate and nourish your sensitive skin

The BB Cream and the Concealer to even out, correct and illuminate your complexion

The Makeup Remover Balm, to gently wash your face

Natural Bronzing Powder: because we care for highly sensitive skins, we pay particular attention to your risks and closely monitor international scientific advice. We therefore removed all potentially toxic ingredients and endocrine disruptors from our formulas. The Bronzing Powder is formulated with 100% natural ingredients, to offer healthy and safe makeup.

Discover its ingredients:

Rich jojoba and pomegranate flower wax to offer comfort to the most sensitive skins

Delicate organic tapioca to wrap the skin in a veil of softness

Clever natural pigments that brighten even the palest faces


* Ingredients from organic sources

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