Hand and Foot Serum



Dry and damaged hands and feet, especially those weakened by cancer treatments, sensitive or atopic skin.


Fights against dryness

Provides comfort (less tightness, stinging, burning sensations)

Moisturises and nourishes daily

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Why a hand and foot serum?

The skin of the hands and feet is particularly fragile. They are put to the test all day long by our daily activities: the skin becomes therefore damaged, fragile and dry, which can cause tightness and small aches on your hands and feet. This is especially true when you are undergoing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or targeted therapies: you are therefore automatically more prone to intense dryness of the feet and hands, or even a hand-foot syndrome. It is therefore important to take care of these particularly demanding areas with a very nourishing hand and foot cream.

The Hand and Foot Serum is a variation of our famous Moisturising Gloves and Slippers whose effectiveness has been proven, and is designed as a particularly moisturising cream to soothe, nourish and repair very dry and damaged hands and feet.

The flawless formulation of the Hand and Foot Serum intensely moisturises the skin of the hands and feet and fights against dryness. As a result: a moisturising hand-foot cream that will quickly penetrate and soften your hands and feet.

Lastly, thanks to its very practical dosing pump, the Foot and Hand Serum has a very economical format and will accompany you throughout the day!

Fights against dryness for 93% of women*
Less redness for 92% of women*
Fewer burning sensations for 92% of women*
Less feeling of discomfort for 86% of women*
Fewer signs of desquamation for 100% of women*
More moisturised, softer and more nourished skin for 100% of women*

* Multicentre study on 70 women undergoing cancer treatments at the Léon Bérard Cancer Centre and Jean Mermoz Private Hospital in Lyon, France on our Moisturising Gloves and Slippers.

** If your feelings of discomfort persist or worsen, or in the case of overly advanced hand-foot syndrome (greater than or equal to grade 2 on the NCI-CTCAE V4.0 Rating Scale), talk to your doctor.

How to use the Hand and Foot Serum to deeply moisturise your skin?

Apply a dab of Serum at least twice a day to each of your hands and feet (one squeeze on the pump is enough). Gently massage in.

For a complete moisturising treatment for your feet, hands and nails, complete your routine with:

The Moisturising Gloves, to take care of your hands and for a moisturizing and repairing treatment once a week.

The Moisturising Slippers, to take care of your feet and for a moisturizing treatment once a week.

The Nail Care Pen, to nourish, repair and soothe your nails and cuticles.


A foot and hand serum with an impeccable formulation

Formulated with 98% ingredients of natural origin, our Hand and Foot Serum draws its effectiveness from proven, safe and healthy active ingredients, and is free of any ingredients subject to doubts or potential endocrine disruptors. It is also free of essential oils, which are too allergenic for fragile and reactive skin:

Organic Aloe Vera Gel: naturally very moisturising and refreshing, it soothes dry and damaged hands and feet, and relieves feelings of burning and discomfort.

Mango Butter: particularly rich (like shea butter), it nourishes very dry hands and damaged feet and restores the skin’s suppleness.

Sweet Almond Oil: thanks to its fatty acids, Sweet Almond Oil repairs and protects the fragile skin of the feet and hands.

AquaxylTM: made from plant sugars, AquaxylTM recharges the skin with water, thus softening dry hands and feet.


*organic ingredients

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