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Scalp Mist



Skin and scalp weakened by cancer treatments, sensitive or atopic skin


Less sensitive scalp for 94% of women*

Soothes the scalp for 89% of women*

Nourishes the scalp for 89% of women

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Cancer treatments – especially chemotherapy and targeted therapy – can damage your sensitive scalp, making it dry and itchy (desquamation), not to mention alopecia (loss of hair from the head and body). Your beautiful wig can worsen the itching and make it feel uncomfortable. That is why it is important to gently take care of it as soon as treatments begin and until hair regrowth.

The Scalp Mist, with its strong moisturising properties, will immediately soothe and nourish your sensitive scalp, thus alleviating the itching and dryness provoked by cancer treatments and wigs.

Thanks to its bi-phase formula (half aqueous and half oily) and to its spray format, the Scalp Mist is really light and refreshing. It’s the perfect combination for all the people looking for a cooling product that soothes, moisturises and nourishes their sensitive scalp in only a few minutes! Easy to apply and to carry around, you can use it wherever you want and whenever you need. And thanks to its non-greasy finish, you will not have to wait until it has dried to put your wig or your pretty headscarf back on!

While using the Scalp Mist, make sure to gently massage your scalp. This simple gesture will stimulate the blood microcirculation, which can help boosting hair regrowth after the end of the treatments.

Penetrates quickly for 95% of women*
More moisturised scalp for 90% of women*
Fights against dryness for 100% of women*
Less irritated scalp for 88% of women*
Less discomfort for 81% of women*

* Multicentre study conducted on 70 women undergoing cancer treatments at the Léon Bérard Cancer Centre and Jean Mermoz Private Hospital in Lyon, France.

Shake and spray onto your scalp, then massage with your fingertips in small circular movements. It’s the perfect way to relax before going to bed… or to give yourself a little break in the middle of the day!

By following our instructions for use, the time of use of our Scalp Mist is estimated at 3 months!

Complete your routine with:

The Moisturiser, to hydrate and nourish your sensitive skin

The Body Cream, to nourish, protect and soothe

Formulated with 88% natural ingredients, the Scalp Mist was developed according to our strict formulation charter, without any potentially harmful ingredients or ingredients associated with hormonal imbalances, to look after your sensitive scalp. Its efficacy is, among other things, due to the association of moisturising vegetable oils that nourish and soothe.

Organic Calendula Extract: softening and antioxidant, Calendula Extract soothes the driest and most irritated skins to say goodbye to uncomfortable itching.

Camelia Japonica Oil: combining moisturising and protection, this vegetable oil is perfect to recover the softness and suppleness of the skin.

Apricot Kernel Oil: rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, phytosterols and glycerides, Apricot Kernel Oil is really enriching! It nourishes the scalp and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier to keep it supple.


* organic ingredients
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