MRL Eye Spa


The MRL Eye Spa, is a self activating hot compress designed specifically for the eyes, which has been created to improve stagnation and congestion of the sinus cavities and relieve congestion or throbbing pain from migraines, headaches and sinusitis 



A recent research from the National Library of Medicine, concluded that applying a hot compress to the ocular surface increased retrobulbar (behind the eye) blood flow and could be used to improve blood supply in this area. This simple and inexpensive treatment could become a key approach in the treatment of glaucoma.

The application of warmth around the eye area pulls in moisture from the surface of the skin to the deeper layers, hydrating delicate superficial fascia, also stimulating oil glands and lipids that contribute to our tears that hydrate our eyes. The MRL Eye Spa mask influences energy on the surrounding meridian points – for example migraines that may make you nauseous are linked to the Gallbladder meridian, frontal headaches are linked to the stomach meridian The MRL Eye Spa is made of cotton and infused with Chamomile, known for its calming and anti-inflammatory actions. Its design incorporates three layers of fabric with a patented 2mm thermostatic control middle layer. The thermostatic layer has free 12mm central area for pupil protection but surrounding areas made of nano far- infrared fibres.

The mask is recyclable once layers are separated and middle layer disposed.


• Hydrating

• Rejuvenating

• Soothing

• Relieves tension headaches

• Eases eye strain and tension

• Engages in the eye meridians

• Aids a restful sleep

After cleansing, or your Eye- Ball routine, lie back and place the Eye Spa Mask over eyes and relax for 30 minutes, allowing the mask to work its magic.

The self-heating warmth radiating from the mask draws in moisture from the surface of the skin to the deeper layers, hydrating delicate superficial fascia, reliving tension and aiding restful sleep.

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